Focused, value investing in public equities
and commercial real estate
for long-term results.

Who We Are


For over 40 years, we have helped our clients preserve and build wealth through investments in commercial real estate and public equities. Across these two asset classes, Pacifica implements the same investment philosophy.


We seek to own assets that:


  • We understand well

  • Have bright futures

  • Are operated by honest and capable managers

  • Can be acquired at discounts to their intrinsic values.

Real Estate

Over the last four decades, Pacifica has owned and operated approximately 12 million square feet of commercial properties in the Western United States. We look for value and seek to own the projects that generate cash flow and appreciation magnified by modest leverage over the long term. Principals of the firm typically contribute approximately 10% of the equity in the investment partnerships.

Real Estate History

Public Equities

Pacifica manages over $400 million of investments in public equities via individually managed accounts using a unique value-oriented proprietary investment strategy. Principals of the firm invest essentially all of our family public equity assets in the same strategy we implement for our clients. We think our results speak for themselves.

Public Equities History